ISEE test Verbal and Quantative Reasoning

The verbal and quantitive reasoning section of the ISEE test consists of the following:

Verbal Reasoning: this section has two parts, they are :synonyms ( synonyms are two words that are different but have almost identical meanings i.e car and automobile or quickly and speedily ) and sentence completions.

On the upper levels there are a total of 40 questions which are to be answered in 20 minutes. For the lower level there are 34 questions answered in 20 minutes.

Quantitive Reasoning: this section has 38 questions which are to be answered in 35 minutes for the lower level, and 37 questions in 35 minutes for the middle level and upper level. For the lower level the questions are only Word Problems the other levels have both Word problems as well as Quantitive Comparisons.



ISEE Mathematics Achievement Test

The Mathematics test which forms part of the overall ISEE test has 30 questions to be answered in 30 minutes for the lower level, and 47 questions answered in 40 minutes on the middle and Upper Levels.

This will include questions from NCTM ( National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ) standards ( as does the Quantative Reasoning test )  which include the following strands:

  • Algebra
  • Numbers and Operations
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data Analysis and Probability
  • Problem Solving

ISEE Testing

ISEE testing

The ISEE test is available on varying dates, for specifics including registration, test fees, test dates, times and all relative information, go to:

Your complete overall final test scores, usually become available for release to your choice of schools after about 1 week to 10 days after completion of the ISEE test.

Before sitting the ISEE, applicants will need to complete a formal application for each school they intend to submit to. One test only is allowed in any six-month period.

There is not a universal ‘pass’ score for the ISEE Test

There¬†there are acceptable score level(s) for specific school(s). You can check some of these by visiting these websites: —

ISEE Reading Comprehension Test

The ISEE reading comprehension test has 25 questions on the lower level to be answered in 25 minutes which includes several reading pasages then followed by five questions after each passage.

The middle and upper levels contain six passages followed by six questions. In both cases the topics of the passages include history, science, literature and contemporary life.

The questions which follow each reading passage are related to: the main idea, supporting ideas, inference, organization logic tone and style of language.

Preperation for the ISEE Test

The ISEE test just like any other examination or test can be best prepared for by practicing sample ISEE test questions. preparation is what gets better results in anything, so it stands to reason that a student who has gone through many sample questions will be better prepared and have a clear understanding of what is expected of them in the ISEE test. Students who do well are those that go through sample ISEE test Questions.

ISEE Essay

Part of the ISEE test consists of an Essay that candidates must write in order to provide an example of his or her writing ability to the schools to which they are applying for entrance. A topic is given to candidates and they have 30 minutes to write the essay. The essay is not scored or marked as part of the test but is sent to the schools for their entry consideration.