Hi, my name is Margaret Filsaime and that’s a picture there of myself and my husband Derek. We have two children, our daughter completed the upper level ISEE and our son is at the lower level. For our daughter she struggled with her Math but she scored very well in the ISEE test and got into our number 1 choice school thanks to the practice questions and video tuition in the course we recommend to you.

We had previously spent $80/hour on private tuition but our daughter found it very hard and it wasn’t easy finding that kind of money. I would say we are a middle-income family and finding the money to send the kids to private school was hard in itself. Then we discovered the system that helped our daughter immensely and is now helping our son with the lower level ISEE also. That is why we decided to make this website to help other parents and students who are in a similar situation to us and want to get into the best private school.

We sincerely hope you find the information you need on this website and hope it helps your child get into the school of your choice. We know that the information we share with you is gold and we wouldn’t be recommending the information if it wasn’t good.

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  1. Is this practice material suitable for the lower level ISEE tests (entering 5th and 6th grades)?
    How can I tell?

    1. The practice material is excellent for all levels and includes both the ISEE example questions and SSAT test questions.

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